Marithe & Francois Girbaud


Marithe & Francois Girbaud


«constructors of intelligent garments»

Marithé Bachellerie and François Girbaud met in the mid 60's and established an exchange of ideas that resulted in a true complicity of vision.

40 years of collaboration between the two designers who joined technology and creativity. They brought a new approach to fashion more popular and more industrial, starting with the work garment. Leaders of different movements, they have an influence on the textile market: «cow boy» phenomenon in the 60's, sportswear in the men collections in the 70's, leaders in the fabrics researches in the 80's, visionaries in the 90's with Metamorphojean (first engineered jeans) and the SPQRCITY concept to reach the 2000's with a new elegance, a modern «couture», a casual chic. After the invention of the Stonewash, they treat the jeans with laser: WATTWASHTM process which joins in an approach «eco-friendly».

Α history full of interactive elegance and inspiration. A product in a constant state of evolution.