Mac Millan was founded in 1997 by its designer Jane McMillan who wanted to carve a niche in the fashion universe with her unique vision of colour and texture.
She moved to London to study womens-wear at The London College of Fashion where she won many awards for design including one from The British Council presented by Lady Diana, The Princess of Wales.

She has been an Associate at Central Saint Martins College and, rather than work at international fashion house Jill Sander, launched her first collection which was stocked by London boutique "Koh Samui".

Jane is a consultant for the governments sector advisory board for design and in 2007 was nominated for Scottish Designer of the Year.
Mac Millans' goal is to consolidate her position as a leading fashion brand crafting innovative collections for a receptive market.
In September 2004 she made her "on schedule" catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week with an audience consisting of the fashion worlds opinion formers.
Seductive dresses have captured the interest of the worldwide press and become a favourite with celebrities including Sarah Ferguson The Duchesse of York, Dannii Minogue, Lady Isabella Hervey, Paris Hilton and Joan Kaner of Neiman Marcus.