Antoine Antoniadis


Antoine Antoniadis


Antoine Antoniadis Fashion House work was presented for the first time, in March 2010 in a fashion show in Palais de Tokyo and achieved great acceptance from the professionals of fashion industry as well as the press and television, through the very popular French TV show of Mademoiselle Agnès. Bold and sensitive, Antoine Antoniadis is a creator who has gained the interest of the most demanding and recherché women: the elegance of his line and the delicacy of the leather weave have charmed, among others, Dita von Teese.
It took over 16 months for the new creator to make perfect the incomparable technique he uses in all his collections: the leather's weave.

This leather is unique, all knitted on hand, impossible to be produced through industrial production. It is a very complicated technique, that can produce very limited quantity, and for some pieces it takes more than 400 hours to be made. Very thin lanes are cut on hand in the leather's direction and knitted so as to create tartan, pied de poule, pied de coq and any other weave that the fashion house proposes. Thin and soft like garment, knitted leather adapts in apparels and leather accessories, never losing its form.

Every piece of his collection is unique and worked with respect to the traditions of the greatest fashion houses, so as to offer the brightness and highlight of the Parisian know-how.