Athens, 24 March 2015





Xclusive Elements: AXDW hosts, for the first time in its 17th edition,
a presentation platform of the creations of Greek fashion accessories designers!




The international fashion week of Athens, Athens Xclusive Designers week, recognizing the importance of the accessories and styling and staying focused to its vision to represent in the best possible way the creativity of Greek fashion scene, creates for the first time a special showroom for Greek creators of fashion accessories, the Xclusive Elements for Summer and Winter. Greek designers have created their own accessories trends that could not be ignored by the international fashion week of Athens.




Within the 17th AXDW, from 28 to 30 March at Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Center, a specially designed installation, which becomes a showcase, is hosted for the presentation of representative accessories' codes of the current season (S/S 2015 collections) of the most hot brands & Greek artists in the fashion accessories field. The goal of the AXDW is the platform, which has created for Greek fashion designers, to be open to the creators of fashion accessories from now on so they will be connected with the media and the public in Greece and abroad.


In 2015 Summer Xclusive Elements the following designers will participate: Aelia by Fotini Kostouli, Aelia Greek Sandals, Extreme Living, Fishbone Design, It's All Greek On Me, MΥ Scarf.


Aelia by Fotini Kostouli: It all started 15 years ago for Fotini Kostouli. Starting the journey of creation, experimenting with various materials such as metal, stones, silver, recyclable materials and leathers. The summer collection for 2015, "Planet Earth", is inspired by our planet. Our planet is bright, beautiful, with perfect harmony, balance and abundance. We can enjoy the blue of the sky and the sea, the gold of the sun, the silver of the moon. There is something beautiful on earth that deserves to be seen, heard, tasted, felt, thought. This thing is living. During these years, she has participated in various exhibitions either individually or through some collectives of artists. Her works have been displayed in the green festival, the art foundation (taf Athens), the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation and the B & M Theocharakis Foundation, at a catwalk of "Athens Exclusive Designers Week" and "A Jewel Made in Greece" exhibition.


Aelia Greek Sandals: Giota Mantaiou & Diana Koulkouri convert the classic sandals to the most hot fashion items of the summer in light of the comfort, the elegance and the fashion trends. Every sandal is handmade and uniquely made by ecological, luxurious leathers and stainless and gilded studs. They are inspired by the sun, Greece and energy... The energy became positive. The sun became inspiration... And this is the way, "Aelia Greek Sandals" was created.  The Aelia Greek Sandals are manufactured in Greece and by raw materials of Greek origin.


Extreme Living: Behind the group of the creators of the hybrid sunglasses, the freedom is what is driving them and the sunglasses are made by this. Unexpected materials are combined to offer material and sun to the freedom. The Extreme Living began in March of 2014 and continues up to date with the project "Eyos / i: OS / #Legalize Freedom EXTREME LIVING: How much freedom you can afford?"


Fishbone Design: The Fishbone Design creations are handmade jewels in geometric structures that they stand out for their original design. Beautiful summer rings, ear cuffs and neck pendants are some of the special jewelry which are designed by Georgia Tsakla for the new "Tropicana" collection, that will be hosted at the 17th AXDW, consisting of unique items such as natural sea glasses, eye of the sea, shells' horns and various energy stones (Agate, Turquoise, quartz crystal, Opal, Amethyst, etc.) and they are combined with 925 silver & brass.


It's All Greek On Me: The creators Rena Chalkia and Magda Mavridoy are behind the brand which has as main philosophy the creation of products that are made by Greek materials (such as canvas, burlap, felt, leather, silk, etc), inspired by Greek patterns with modern aesthetics. The materials are manufactured in Greece too, such as canvas, burlap, felt, leather, silk, the styles have flourished in the Greek tradition for many years, such as embroidery and hand-woven textile and the motives make reference to the traditional art in the ancient Greek world and the Greek architecture buildings. It's All Greek On Me creates collections with shopping bags and beach bags with simple lines, neutral colors and strict geometry responding to the current aesthetics.


MY Scarf: Made by Greek origin raw materials which are carefully selected from traditional Greek places by their creator, the scarves, the wraps and the sarongs MY of Maria Geroula, since 2011 have been narrating short stories of Greek images and words, introducing a new and 100% Greek, dynamic and modern brand. "We come from Greece and we go everywhere" is their motto and being something much more than another fashion gadget or souvenir for the tourists, tMY scarves are modern, Greek animated and elegant visual statements with messages and information not only for the Greeks but anyone who loves Greece, the history and its alive present. The ancient and the modern Greek and Hellenized proper names which are used in Greece (2,500), Greek international words, the Greek crown ("We come from Greece and we deserve a crown") and the simple fact that some things should not make us stop smiling ("Some things are not important"), are the four ideas-axes of the current collection.


Syoss is the official sponsor of the 17th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Syoss which includes professional quality products in the categories of care, styling and hair coloring, takes on the Hair Styling of the catwalks. Like every season, the hair styling of the shows is directed by Diamantopoulos Academy, led by Vassilis Diamantopoulos.


During the 17th AXDW, the guests will have the chance to learn about the benefits of the drinking miracle, the leading drinking collagen, Collagen Pro-Active, both for health and beauty!


The shows make up will be realized with Erre Due make up products, by Freddy Make Up Stage school and Freddy Kalobratso as head.


Cool Berry HibiscusTM juices by Starbucks, with red and black berries, hints of hibiscus and whole blueberries mixed with green coffee extract and ice will give spring color at the AXDW!


Delicious and 100% vegetable Alpro drinks and desserts, rich in calcium and vitamins, naturally low in fat, give flavor to the days of the fashion shows, calling us to live in our most beautiful body!


The de-make up care of the models of the 17th AXDW's catwalks will undertake the specialized DEMAK'UP products which will surprise the guests of the event. All the friends will have the opportunity to enjoy the cleansing care and learn some tips by the Make Up Artist of DEMAK'UP who will take care of their new make up in a special stand in the venue.


Live DJ sets and live radio broadcasts by en lefko 87.7 and Hit 88.9 will give rythm in the international fashion week in Athens!


Sponsors: Syoss, Collagen Pro-Active, Athenaeum InterContinental Athens


Make Up Sponsor: Erre Due


Supporters: Alpro,  Demak'up, Starbucks




Partners: Veloudakis, Diamantopoulos, Freddy Make Up Stage, IAM Gourmet


Under the auspices: National Tourism Organization (EOT), Municipality of Athens  - Athens Development & Destination Management Agency (EATA), City of Athens - Cultural, Sports and Youth Organization, Enterprise Greece, Cyprus Embassy, Athens Chamber of Commercial and Industries (ACCI), Hellenic Retail Business Association (SELPE), Panhellenic Exporters Association (PSE), Federation of Industries on Northern Greece (SVVE), Greek International Business Association (SEVE), Hellenic Knitting & Apparel Industries (PSVPPE)


The Ethniki Asfalistiki Conference Centre is managed by the Athenaeum InterContinental Athens.



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