Athens, 23/07/2015


18th Athens Xclusive Designers Week brings DFO, the biggest Fashion Showroom in Asia, to Greece!

In the context of 18th AXDW (23-26 October 2015), Danube Fashion Office will explore the possibility of cooperation with Greek apparel & accessories designers


The International Fashion Week of Athens, Athens Xclusive Designers Week, loyal to the vision of the exporting Greek fashion and its creators globally, managed to assure, among the audience of buyers of its 18th event, which will take place on October 23-26 2015, the visit of the biggest showroom representation of international fashion brands in Asia, for the first time in our country.


Danube Fashion Office (DFO) with offices in Hong Kong and Shanghai is the biggest Fashion Showroom in China and Southeast Asia, representing more than 60 top designers and fashion brands worldwide. Maintaining a stable cooperation with the 500 most important buyers in Asia, DFO aims at achieving partnerships between designers and fashion brands and buyers, constituting thereby an effective collaboration platform for international fashion labels in Asia.


Meimei Ding, Executive Director of the DFO stated: "The team of Danube Fashion Office and me personally would like to thank the International Fashion Week in Athens, Athens Xclusive Designers Week, for their kind invitation. I am very happy to attend next October the unique organization of Greece related to the fashion industry. We are excited to have the opportunity to discover the design talents of Greek fashion scene and to explore the possibility of cooperation with Greek fashion labels for placing on the Asian market. There are going to be four exciting days, I look forward to meeting you all. "


Tonia Fouseki, Chair of the Organizing Comitter of the International Fashion Week in Athens, stated: "We are delighted to welcome to Greece Danube Fashion Office, one of the most important fashion showrooms in Asia, the currently most promising market for fashion labels, internationally. This success, which is a result of long term efforts of the organization, comes at a particularly difficult period for our country, enhancing our optimism for supporting the export network of Greek designers, since the intention of DFO is to explore potential partnerships with the Greeks designers, expressing a particular interest in men and women collections and fashion accessories (jewelry, bags, shoes, sunglasses). AXDW continues to develop its network of international partnerships, strengthening its role as a meeting platform for dialogue and business of fashion representatives, bringing together Greek creators with the global fashion industry, aiming to strengthen the international positive perception towards fashion made in Greece, and thus contributing to the "rebranding" of a modern and creative Greece".


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