Nene High Fashion Atelier was founded before twenty years by the fashion designer Panayota Nene at the center of Athens.

However, as the common idiomatic expression says, «It takes two to tango...»

A shared passion for fashion, was the turning point for the designer to join forces with the established advertising and communications specialist, Stella Mylonaki, and thus creating an impeccable pair which has since then been representing the company.


Panagiota Nene Feat. Stella Mylonaki

When a vision is shaped by a fashion designer and an advertiser, then aesthetics become creations, a state of the art that moves, inspires and fascinates.

The pair's common aspiration is that: "Every woman should be given the opportunity to discover her femininity and her own aesthetic personality, to dare, to dream, to be moved, to experience her journey vividly, filled with passion and soul..."

Some of the main milestones in the company's history were the various collaborations with well-known theatre companies based in Athens and assuming their costume creations, sponsorships on a Pan Hellenic level and last but not least partnerships for socially responsible causes.