Nadia Rapti & Teknio Kerasioti


Nadia Rapti & Teknio Kerasioti


"Art", a logo that absolutely stands for their beliefs on what fashion is. Art, creation... way of expression... inspiration...

Two different worlds: Nadia is philologist while Teknio studies economics. However, they have both studied fashion design at Veloudaki Fashion School, their meeting point. Afterwards, they have started working on their "art".

We initially met them on March 2011, during the 9th Athens Xclusive Designers Week. Their designs, which have been inspired by the international politic turmoil, have been accepted as highly promising. They had a very clear antiwar message, balancing between art and reality. The press has been proved a lot of encouraging for our artists... "new designers with such simple but unique designs"... "my favorite so far"...

This time, they choose the '70s with an obvious romantic spirit. They mix colours, they use jean and lace as a basic fabrics and this way they penetrate a very special decade. The hippie and the boho come to front line not only as a fashion trend but also as a new way of inspiration and thinking.