Andreas Georgiou


Andreas Georgiou


Andreas Georgiou was born in 1984, in Nicosia-Cyprus.  From a young age he expressed his interest for art and fashion.  An interest that later became passion.  Therefore he studied fashion design at Akto Art and Design, Athens where he graduated in 2006.


He made his first professional steps at Giorgos Eleftheriades atelier, in a combination with his practical training.  Later on, he worked on fashion design and styling, but this time with his own brand name.  He already participated in a fashion show during his studies. In 2008 he presents collection Autumn - Winter 2008 at Cyprus Fashion Week.


His fashion style and expression is often dominated by geometrical shapes in a combination with strict curves. The renaissance romanticism and the dark medieval era are reborn through the contemporary strict trends.


Designer's personal collections are available at his own personal atelier in Nicosia - Cyprus.