Anastasia Dosi


Anastasia Dosi


Anastasia Dosi, literally grew up in fabrics, laces and trimmings, since her mother is the fashion designer Maria Dosi. As she says it was impossible not to be affected by this magical place that gives you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild and  give substance to what you dreamed.

Since her high school years, Anastasia has been working in her mother's atelier making her own creations. During that period, she attended a course based on theatrical studies  and contributed as an assistant director and costume designer in theatrical plays. Later on she completed her studies in Fashion Design and Styling in the University of Manchester. During the university placement programme she gained experience in fashion houses in Paris and London such as Alexander McQueen, Jonathan Saunders and Christophe Guillarme.

Anastasia is currently the managing director of Atelier Dosi in Thessaloniki while she is in the process of creating a collection under her own brand name.